Holy hilarious. In Maine, selling Fentimans Victorian Lemonade to minors becomes a crime because it contains less than 0.5% alcohol.

My friend Kate sent this along with a note that read, “The boss on Colbert.” Kate is the right hand woman of Janet Mills - Maine’s Attorney General - who absolutely kills it in this segment of the Colbert Report’s “Nailed ‘Em”.

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Netrebko and Villazon perform La Traviata brindisi (via Apomethe)

My exposure to opera is limited to what I hear and usually don’t pay attention to on NPR. But this rainy Monday morning, I heard a rousing song called Brindisi, from the opera La Traviata that I just had to listen to again.

Turns out the song I enjoyed translates to “Toast” or “The Drinking Song.”

Typical. After a weekend sans “the drink,” I would enjoy the booziest offering that the opera has to offer.

I first discovered bourbon in college. Basically because it was cheap and it got me happy drunk. Wednesdays, in particular, were notorious drinking nights with $2 bourbon specials at Salty Mike’s in the Charleston City Marina.

Honestly, my sophistication on the bourbon matter hasn’t actually improved much (shot of Wild Turkey, please), but after all these years it still makes me a very happy drunk.

Camden based SingleMalt.tv is covering the action all week long. Hey, consider bourbon next time yer out!